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Travelers' Intra-Airport Transportation Guide at the Honolulu International Airport - Yahoo Voices

The Honolulu International Airport is the primary hub for people visiting Hawaii from the U.S. mainland and many other parts of the world. This airport can be the final destination when going to an area within the island of Oahu, which includes the Hawaiian capital Honolulu, or it can be a gateway to local airports in other Hawaiian islands such as The Big Island, Maui, or Kauai.

Whether you are connecting to another flight or this is your airport of destination, it always helps that you're familiar with all your transportation options within the airport premises.

The airport offers free transportation for passengers traveling between terminals, concourses, and gates. This makes it faster and more convenient to transfer from one part of the airport to another.

Airport Terminals

The Honolulu International Airport has three terminals. The Overseas Terminal, the largest terminal that caters to the airport's international and mainland flights, is located at the right side of the main airport access road. Even if your flight is in another terminal, going here is ideal if you want the most number of options for stores, restaurants, and coffee shops to check out inside the airport. It also houses various establishments meant for travel necessities from money exchange to postal drop boxes to travel insurance.

The Interisland Terminal, which serves specific airlines going to other Hawaiian islands, is also located at the right side of the main airport Airport Transfer Gatwick access road. It provides travelers with a couple of restaurants and specialty shops, but not as much as the ones available at the Overseas Terminal.

The Commuter Terminal, which also serves specific airlines going to other Hawaiian islands, is located north of the Interisland Terminal, just across the U.S. Post Office and Parking B. It is reachable from the main airport access road or via Aolele Street. If you're coming from the Interisland Terminal, it is possible to go to the Commuter Terminal via the escalator. This terminal hosts a handful of commercial establishments where you can buy food, drinks, and newspapers.

Traveling Between Terminals

The airport's shuttle services operate in front of the terminals, particularly on the ground level of the public roadway. Riding a shuttle makes it easier to travel in between the three terminals via ground transportation. Although it is possible to walk, weary passengers, people carrying heavy bags, and those with health issues can find this option very helpful. If you intend to take the shuttle, you must wait at any of the available shuttle stops situated along each terminal's roadway center. Look for signs to guide you in finding the exact locations of these stops.

Other Important Transportation Information

Intra-airport transportation services are open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. To avoid the long walk if you're checking in at the Interisland Terminal for a mainland flight at the Overseas Terminal, you can catch a bus at the third level for a more convenient ride going to your designated gate. Shuttles accommodating wheelchairs for easier transport between concourses are also available. This particular option is located at the upper level roadway between the Diamond Head and Ewa Concourses.

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